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Welcome to Nephilim's Website!

We are a small, close knit group of gamers from all over North America who have been gaming together for many years.  At this moment we are small but looking to grow and are recruiting for most classes.  We have members of various experience and skill levels.  If you want to be part of a close group that isn't too big but is serious about Aion please fill out an application!

Welcome Venality

Veritas325, Oct 3, 09 12:37 AM.
Everyone welcome Venality, the newest brother of Nephilim!

Welcome Scavenger!

Mokoshata, Sep 28, 09 9:41 PM.
Welcome Scavenger!


Mokoshata, Sep 21, 09 10:07 PM.
Welcome Everybody to the Launch of Aion!!  Oh and the Forming of Nephilim!  We hope you enjoy your stay, and everyone should feel free to abuse Dorvin.....he likes it that way.
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